How long can my kids play at Kid's Fun Zone?

Your kids can stay and play as long as they would like during Kid's Fun Zone's hours of operation.  Once you leave the Kid's Fun Zone's facility, there is no re-entry.

Is there anything for my toddler to do?

Yes, we have a toddler area, separated from the rest of the kids, for anyone 3 years old and under.  Also, toddlers can go on anything they want to.

Can we walk in and play anytime?

Of course! Unless stated otherwise, anytime we are open, we accept walk-ins.

Is outside food allowed at Kid's Fun Zone?

We do not allow any outside food or drinks at Kid's Fun Zone.  We do offer light snacks and a variety of refreshments for you and your kids.

Are socks required at Kid's Fun Zone?

Yes, we require everyone (kids and adults) to wear socks for cleanliness and safety. If you forget your socks, we have them available for purchase in our facility.

Can I drop off my child(ren) or do I need to stay?

All guardians must stay and supervise their kids at all times.

Can adults play too?

For the safety of all the children in the facility, adults are not allowed to play, but they can assist their own children.

Do you clean the toys and bounce houses?

Yes, we clean and sanitize our toys multiple times during the day and all the big toys and bounce houses are cleaned (by hand) at least 1-2 times a week.